Break From the Grind

A Break From Your Weekly Grind

September 23rd, 2016    

BFTG NFL Pick em’ Week 3: That’s a good looking Podcast

We are back with a recap of the week 2 games and continue our march to mediocrity. We give our thoughts and picks for week 3 and discuss how the injuries will effect the games.  I vow to take a knee, we struggle to stay on topic and we find out how infatuated George is with brisket.  

Overall Records:

Jason           16-16

George         16-16
Victoria G 15-17
Victoria J 13-19
Week 3 Victoria Picks:

Victoria J:   Texans, Bills, Bengals, Dolphins, Packers, Titans, Panthers, Giants, Ravens, Buccaneers, 49ers, Colts, Jets, Eagles, Cowboys, Falcons. 

Victoria G: Texans, Cardinals, Broncos, Dolphins, Lions,Titans, Panthers, Giants, Jaguars, Rams,  Seahawks, Colts, Chiefs, Eagles, Cowboys, Saints

September 15th, 2016    

Motor-boating Mic and Jack’s Big Balls

Week Two of the NFL is upon us and it is time for some picks! We were decidedly mediocre last week but look to bounce back strong in week two.  We go over some of the best football moments of weeks one, tell you what one NFL coach has in common with the Grinch and pick week two!

Overall Records:

George and Jason: 8-8
Victoria J:  7-9
Victoria G: 6-10 

Week 2 Victoria's Picks:

Victoria J:  Buffalo, Giants, Lions, Cowboys, Chiefs, Dolphins, Ravens, Panthers, Bengals, Buccaneers, Seahawks, Raiders, Jaguars, Broncos, Vikings, Bears

Victoria G:  Bills, Giants, Lions, Cowboys, Texans, Dolphins, Ravens, Panthers, Bengals, Cardinals, Seahawks, Falcons, Jaguars, Broncos, Vikings, Bears

September 13th, 2016    

Try not to push when you stand

This first non-pickem episode has a bit of a somber tone.  We cover where we were on 9/11, George's free trip to Iraq, Colin Kapernick's protest and the fact I can make George stand anytime I want.  It's time for a break from the grind.  

September 7th, 2016    

BFTG Week One Pick em #whoisthattattooreallyfor

NFL is finally back!  Week one and the picks are in.  First published podcast and you can tell we are a bit tight.  We sat most of the preseason and I think George pulled more than his groin.  Want a mention on the world's worst podcast?  Let us know what chore you had to do on Sunday during the off-season.

Victoria J's football picks:  Panthers, Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Jets, Eagles, Packers, Titans, Chiefs, Saints, Dolphins, Cowboys, Lions, Cardinals, Redskins and 49ers.

Victoria G's football picks:  Broncos, Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Bengals, Browns, Jaguars, Vikings, Chargers, Saints, Dolphins, Cowboys, Colts, Cardinals, Steelers, Rams.


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