Break From the Grind

A Break From Your Weekly Grind

June 30th, 2017    

It Isn’t Easy

No guest, no jokes, just a story about the circumstances that lead to my brothers suicide.  Keep a look out for @geo to release the information about the fantasy football bestball league that will benifit American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  Come take a Break From the Grind.



June 24th, 2017    

So That is How You Stand to Wipe

On this episode George and I welcome on AirFrk3819.  We finally get to ask him about stnding to wipe, we talk Rams move to LA, and of course we talk shit about the Raiders.  All while saving $5.  Come take a Break From the Grind.

June 17th, 2017    

Special BFTG Sneak Preview Audio Release of Swagzilla Wedding

Live from the wedding a sneak preview of Swagzilla and his lucky bride.  

June 13th, 2017    

Whip, He is Not a Cannibal

On this week's episode we have Whip from the fantasy life app.  George starts us off with the typical Hawiian greeting and it goes down hill from there.  We have a fat guy food tip, take your questions and breifly talk about an adult kickball league.  Come take a Break From the Grind.  

June 2nd, 2017    

Two Drinks Are Better Than One

This episode has a special guest @2drinkminimum (Jason) from the fantasy life app.  We spend time working a potential bit on air with a Clock Dodgers mug, announce our Fat Guy Food Tip contest winner, debut a new segment we heard somewhere before, and asked the questions provided by the Fantasy Life App Users.  Come Take A Break From The Grind.


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