Break From the Grind

A Break From Your Weekly Grind

April 23rd, 2018    

24: Taking Sobriety One Day at a Time

This week on Break From the Grind, George talks about the cost of camp, we talk about visiting Boston, and we have a very special guest from Die Hard Pod and Rotgrinders Justin Lonero.  We talk to Justin abot his struggle with alcoholism and his path to sobriety, we invite ourselves over for ice cream and of course we ask him your questions.  Come take a Break From the Grind

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Senior Fantasy Football Columnist-Analyst 

April 13th, 2018    

Preseason is the Underwear of Sports

On this episode we welcome a guest! Aaron (AirFrk3819) from the fantasy life app.  We talk trips to Home Depot, a bit of football fatigue, we look who downloads the show and talk a bit about Toys for Tots.  Come take a Break From the Grind!


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