Break From the Grind

A Break From Your Weekly Grind

August 22nd, 2018    

Feeding the Birds

On this episode of Break From the Grind we welcome Bob Harris @footballdiehard.  We talk to Bob about his weight loss, the Fantasy Football Summit and ask him 20 random questions.  Check out Bob on and listen to him on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio and come take a Break From the Grind.  

August 19th, 2018    

Break From The Breakdown Live Show 8-17

On this episode of Break From the Grind we go live.  This is the first half of the three hour show with Swagzilla (@DFF_SWag) and 2Drink (@FL2drinkMinimum) from The Fantasy Football Breakdown (@FF_Breakdown) as our guests.  We go live, unedited and at times off the rails.  If you want to hear true panic stick around after the outro to hear the msising 7 minutes of audio while we try and fail to get the live audio working on Mixlr.  Come take a Break From the Grind!

August 8th, 2018    

Living on The Quant Edge

On this episode we welcome Eliot Crist (@EliotCrist), Sports Product Manager at .  We talk to Eliot about his new project The Quant Edge that comes online today 8/8, George decides to offend our guest with a poorly worded question and of course we subject Elliot to our 20 random questions.  Come take a Break From the Grind

August 2nd, 2018    

Envision the Future

On this episode of Break From the Grind we interview Dominick the Co-owner/writer  and writer for .  We talk to Domicick about his journey through depression, diabetes and blindness.  He shares his story and answers 20 random questions.  Do me a favor, follow Domick @EnvisionFF on Twitter.  Come take a Break from the Grind.  


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