Break From the Grind

A Break From Your Weekly Grind

January 30th, 2019    

Green Eggs Ham and Pineapple (Release 2)

***Sorry for the double release. Had audio issues with the first one.***

On this episode of Break From the Grind, we welcome CKnight a member from the Fantasy Life App. Chris settles a bet, we try to embarrass him in front of his mom and he simultaneously likes and dislikes several of George's 20 questions.  Come take a Break From your Grind.

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January 25th, 2019    

The Donut of Souls

On this episode of Break From the Grind we welcome Mike "Dirty Jobs" from Sleeper Wire.  We discuss our up and coming show the Fantasy Football University, talk about our time on Sleeper and George asks him 20 questions.  Come take a Break From Your Grind!


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January 16th, 2019    

New Year Same Us

We're Back!  George finally is all moved in and we finally got down to the business of Breaking from Our Grind!  On this episode we talk about shopping for Toys for Tots, a new project George and I have coming up in the Fantasy Football offseason, and try to shake off months of podcast rust.  Come take a "Break from the Grind."

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