Break From the Grind

A Break From Your Weekly Grind

August 1st, 2022    

A Rusty Show is Still a Show

We're back for what seems to be our annual release!  On this episode we don't discuss our time off, George surprises me with a game and I ask Am I the Asshole.  

October 11th, 2021    

Ravioli Out of the Can

In this episode, we welcome special guest Neal Maligno from Clock Dodgers and What Happens In Vegas.  We talk ALOT about food, we play Am I the Asshole and catch up with Neal's life during the pandemic.  Come take a Break From the Grind


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October 4th, 2021    

We‘re Back!

On this episode of Break From the Grind, we're back!  We talk about what has changed in our lives in the last several months and give a toys for tots schedule.  


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June 20th, 2021    

It isn’t easy (repeat)

It is the 9th anniversary of the day my brother took his life.  Here is the show where @BFTGeo and I talked about what lead to his suicide.  

July 27th, 2020    

Beautiful Lives

On this episode of Break From the Grind, we thank all the supporters of BFTGCharities we talk about being decent to others and we welcome a couple of great guests.  From the Beautiful Lives Project, Bryce Weiler comes on the show and tells us what it is like being an advocate for the blind and disabled.  We also have Dominick Petrillo from Fantasy Hot Read on to discuss breaking into the sports and fantasy industry.  Come take a Break From the Grind.  




June 23rd, 2020    

BFTG: Anthony And Michael talk Podathon

On this episode of Break From the Grind, we welcome Anthony Cervino and Michael Hauff from the FFFaceoff.  We talk about their Podathon that will take place on July 11th and raise awareness of mental health issues through the Hayden Hurst Foundation.  We also decide AITA (Am I the ***hole) and play a game "How Much Do You Know About Your Cohost?"  Come take a Break From the Grind.

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March 30th, 2020    

Am I the A$$Hole?

On this episode of Break From the Grind, we welcome our cohost from Sleeperwire, Steve Spaccarotelli.  Steve, George and I play a game called Am I the Asshole and Geroge asks his 20 (10ish) random questions.  Come take a Break From the Grind


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October 19th, 2019    

Its All Coming Out

On this episode of Break From The Grind George and I bring back Fat Guy Food Tips with a Fat Guy Food Review, discuss how his family grew by one and a couple surprises that happen in life.  Come take a break from your daily grind!

September 20th, 2019    

The Blitz: It’s Not Just For Sunday Anymore

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, you must REALLY love Break From the Grind!  George and Jason welcome their friends Dirty Jobs Mike and Rob Rose for a game of "would you rather" and to talk about weird news.  We also discuss our Toys for Tots drive and a man from the 70's.  You can hear Mike and Rob on Sleeperwire podcasts including the Sunday Morning Blitz, where all four of us give start/sit fantasy advice live every Sunday morning.  Listen live Sunday's at 10am on Mixlr.  Come take a Break From the Grind


June 21st, 2019    

*Third Airing* It Isn’t Easy

This is the seventh anniversary of the death of my brother Shawn.  Last year George and I did an episode that talked about what led to his suicide, things it did to my family and things the state could have done better.  George suggested for the anniversary we do a replay and I was honoured by the suggestion.

Please keep in mind any charity we talk about is from last year.  If you would like to make a donation you can visit  You can start a campaign, join a campaign, donate money or time.

Thank you for taking a Break From the Grind

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